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The Asst. Director of Horticulture, Dindigul is having jurisdiction of 6 Taluks viz. Dindigul, Oddanchatram, Nilakkottai, Vedasandur, Natham, Palani and the Kodaikkanal Taluk is administrated by Asst. Director of Horticulture, Kodaikkanal.

Each Horticulture Officer is having depots at their headquarters for operating the scheme activities. The aim of the department is to increase the area under horticulture crops and technology increasing the production of horticulture crops. Secondly providing free technical know how to farming community on latest technologies.

In Dindigul district State Plan Schemes and Central Sector Schemes are implemented every year as detailed below.


Objectives :

  • To increase the area and production of Horticulture Crops.
  • To supply of high yielding varieties at 50% subsidised cost.


Objectives :

  • To develop perennial horticulture crops and vegetables in the watershed area.
  • Besides, activities on rejuvenation of old orchard, micro irrigation, training and tours to the farmers, tools kit etc., are taken up.


Integrated Programme for the Development of Tropical, Arid & Temperate Zone fruits.

  • Area Expansion Programme with major fruit crops.
  • Integrated Pest Management.
  • Improving Productivity.

Integrated Programme for Development of Spices

  • Area Expansion Programme under major spice crops.
  • Pest and Disease Management
  • Demonstration plot in major spice crops.

Development of Floriculture

  • Area Expansion Programme with major flowers.
  • Setting up poly-green house
  • Promotion of cultivation under shade net.

Development of Vegetable including Root and Tuber crops

  • Assistance for integrated pest management
  • Training and Tours to the farmers

Development of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

  • Establishment of Demonstration Plot
  • Establishment of distillation unit.

Development of Mushroom cultivation

  • Training o the farmers on Mushroom cultivation techniques.

Use of Plasticulture in Agriculture

  • Plastic sheets are provided to the farmers for post harvest activities.
  • Demonstration of poly-green house.



Situated in the Dindigul – Palani National Highways at 16th Kilometer from Dindigul with an extent of 5.33 Hect. The main activity of the farm is to produce quality pedigree planting materials of Mango, Guava, Tamarind, Sapota, Amla, Pomegranate, Acid lime, Jamun and Ornamental plants. Farmers can purchase the planting materials at the farm during office hours.


Situated in the Sirumalai Pudur – Thenmalai main road at 8 Kms from Palayur in an area of 200.04 Hect. The cultivation area is 24.40 ha. The main activity of the farm is to produce quality pedigree planting materials of Pepper, Arecanut, Coffee, Acidlime and Silver oak plants. Farmers can purchase the planting materials at the farm during office hours.


The land in the valley between the "Consumption Ghat" and the "Lake" which was jungle in the early 1900 was cleared and systematic planting of a large number of Eucalyptus species, wattle and pines was done by Mr.H.D.Bryant, the Forest Officer of Madurai Dist.

In the year 1908, this valley was laid out into a part with pine groves on the slopes and flower beds with lawns on the terraces. The park has been named after Mr.Bryant as a mark of respect and remembrance of the pioneering work done by him in converting as dense jungle into an attractive park. The Bryant park was taken over by the Department of Horticulture and plantation crops in the year 1960.The Bryant park extends over an area of 20.5 acres, a total of 16.15 acres of lands in being maintained by as lawn. An area of 2 acres of Swamp was laid out as flower beds and another 1 acre is Sunken garden. There is a poly-green house for propagating the plants. Till date a total of 742 Rose varieties have been introduced and maintained in the Rosary.

Objectives :

  • To encourage horticulture and serve as an object lesson of students of Botany.
  • To introduce exotic ornamental and economic plants.
  • To further the distribution of seeds and plants.
  • To help the public with supply of cut flowers, bouquet, button holes, garlands etc.
  • To serve the hill residents and the innumerable season visitors and tourist from all over India and abroad as their chief pleasure resort in this beautiful hill station of south India.
  • Employment opportunities for agricultural labours throughout the year.


The State Horticulture Farm observatory Kodaikkanal was started during 1961. This farm is situated at 7680 feet above the M.S.L. This total farm area is 12.75 acres yearly average temperature regarding maximum temperature is 10 - 24° C and minimum temperature is 2 - 7° C. The average rainfall is 1600mm per year.

Objectives :

  • To supply good disease free, Graded and budded fruit plants like apple, plum, pear, peaches etc. suitable to this temperate zone.
  • >Supply of the above fruit plants to the farmers at reasonable price.
  • The farm will be of a model farm practicing all latest technology in cultivation.
  • Geranium medicinal plants are producing and distributed to the farmers.
  • Employment opportunities for agricultural labours throughout the year.


The State Horticulture Farm, Thandikudi was started during 1986. This farm is situated in Kootlakombu hamlet at Thandikudi revenue village an elevation of 1350 to 1450 above the M.S.L. Total area of the farm is 5.45 hectares. The average rainfall is 1450mm per year. Subtropical climate prevails in this farm.

Objectives :

  • Production of all subtropical horticulture plants like Coffee, Orange, Acid-lime, Pepper, Cardamom and Silver oak etc.
  • As a model farm under multi-tier cropping system.
  • Employment opportunities for agricultural labours throughout the year.


From horticulture stand point of view, Dindigul District has numerous special features. Of which, the first and foremost one is the prevalence of three distinct climates viz., Temperate, Subtropical and Tropical. No other districts in Tamilnadu State has such unique agro climatic zones within the same district. To emphasize the relative importance of these climatic zone, little elaboration on the climatic zone, crops of the region and other relevant information’s are tabulated as under.

Sl.No. Climate Zone   Temp R.H. Major hort. crops grown
Max Min
1. Temperate Upper pulney region comprising Kodaikanal, Mannavanur, Vilpatty, Poomparai 22° 18° 80-85 Pear, Plum, Hybrid Cauliflower, Cabbage, Potato, Caroot, Beans etc. Garlic
2. Sub-tropical Lower Pulney region Comprising Perumalmalai, Adalur, Pannaikadu, Perumparai, Thandiyankudisai, KC Patty, Pachalur and Sirumalai hills in eastern side 270 220 80 Acid lime, Hill Banana, Manderin Orange, Beans, Chowchow, Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper etc.
3. Tropical Rest of the taluks in Plain. 360 310 65 Mango, Banana, Sapota, Guava, Grapes, Tomato, Brinjal, Bhendi, Onion, Annual Moriinga, Chillies, Coriander, Tamarind, Rose, Jasmine, Crossondra, Tube Rose & Other minor flowers.


Sl. No. Name of the Officer Office Address Phone No. E-mail Address
1. Asst. Director of Horticulture, Dindigul. 49, Nehruji Nagar, Dindigul. 0451-2432702
2. Horticulture Officer, Dindigul. 49, Nehruji Nagar, Dindigul. 0451-2432702  
3. Horticulture Officer, Natham. 19A,Agrakaram Perumal Kovil St., Natham Kovilpatty, Natham.   -   -
4. Horticulture Officer, Nilakottai. 151/6-3-14B/3 KamarajNagar, Andipatty Road, Nilakkottai.   -   -
5. Horticulture Officer, Vedasandur. 27/A-9, Athumade, Palani Road, Vedasandur. - -
6. Horticulture Officer, State Hort. Farm, Reddiyarchatram. State Hort., Farm,Opp to Union office,Reddiyarchatram - -
7. Horticulture Officer, State Hort. Farm, Sirumalai. State Hort., Farm, Thenmalai, Sirumalai. - -

1. Asst Director of Horticulture, Kodaikkanal. Bryant Park Permises, Kodaikkanal. 04542- 241210
2. Horticulture Officer, (Plant Protection),
Bryant Park Permises, Kodaikkanal. 04542- 241210
3. Horticulture Officer, Kodaikkanal. Agrl. Extension Centre, Near Panchayat Union Office, Kodaikkanal. -
4. Horticulture Officer Poomparai. - -
5. Horticulture Officer, Mannavanur. Agrl. Extension Centre, Mannavanur. -
6. Horticulture Officer, Pannaikadu. - -
7. Horticulture Officer, Thandigudi Agrl. Extension Centre, Thandigudi. -
8. Horticulture Officer Kodaikkanal. Bryant Park,
9. Horticulture Officer (SHF),
State Horticulture Farm,
Near Observatory, Kodaikkanal.
10. Horticulture. Officer
(SHF), Thandigudi.


Bryant Park situated near by the Kodaikkanal lake is one of the most important tourist attraction place. The park is named after H.D. Bryant, a famous forest Officer during British rule. Mr. H.D. Bryant was the pioneer who developed the Marshy forest area and transformed into modern park. The park attracts tourists in thousand every month round the year.

In the park 700 varieties of Hybrid Roses 400 varieties of cacti & succulents are preserved & maintained for the benefit of horticulture loving people.

The total extent of the park is 20.5 acres.

The entrance fee for Adult is Rs.5/-

The entrance fee for children is Rs.2/-

Camera admission fee Rs.25/-


Every year Annual flower show is conducted in the Bryant park for two days during summer festival time in May month. Honorable ministers, M.P’s , M.L.A’s, Top brass of the Government Department & District Collector are usually participated in opening ceremony & validatery function of the flower show.

Completions will be arranged in cut flower, veg. carving, fruits, vegetables, food products, orchard & ornamental garden sections and near about 1000 entry is usually expected in all the sections. Prize cup along with certificate will be issued to the winners of the completion.


Considering the vast scope for the promotion of Horticulture based food Industries, Dept of Horticulture formulated future thrust & strategies for sustainable horticulture development in TamilNadu state. They are listed below;

  • Land development through alternate land use system and there by promoting diversification in the cropping system.
  • Strengthening of ex tension net work on par with line departments.
  • Standardization of quality norms for the planting materials and seeds.
  • Specific needs for development of different kinds of fruits, vegetables, plantation crops, spices, flowers, medicinal & aromatic plants, mushroom etc.
  • Exploitation of the unique features in the crop production like off-season mango, grapes etc.
  • Efficient and economic water management through micro-irrigation system.
  • Strengthening of marketing arrangements for the promotion of Agri business.
  • Development of export promotion zones.
  • Promotion of Hi-tech Horticulture.
  • Organic farming.
  • Processing and value addition products.
  • Building up reliable database.

Contact Information

Assistant Director of Horticulture
49, Nehruji nagar
Phone: 0451-2432702