Collector -Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly

Publish Date : 24/07/2019

P.R.No:-68/2019                                 Date:- 24.07.2019

Dindigul District


The committee on Petitions (2018 -2020) of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly will meet shortly in Dindigul District.  In this connection, individuals, Associations or Institutions in the above mentioned Districts, who desire to prefer petitions relating to redressal of public grievances may send petitions in Tamil      (5 copies in Tamil Only) duly signed by the petitioner / petitioners with date, addressed to the Chairman, Committee on petitions, Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, Chennai – 600 009 on or before 16th August 2019.

Petitions should be in respectful and temperate language. Petitions may relate to public grievances which are pending disposal for many years with the Government Departments without being redressed. A petition should contain only one grievance and it should relate to only one Department.

Petitions must relate to a matter of general public importance.

Petitions should not relate to any of the following subjects:-

  • Individual of private grievances.


  • Matters pending before any court of Law, Tribunal , etc.,.


  • Seeking employment opportunity, Old age pension, Assignment of pattas and Government free Schemes.


  • Bank loan or employment loan.


  • Request for transfer and redressal of grievances by Government servants.


The Committee on petitions of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly will consider such petitions, which are within the ambit of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Rules. If a single petitioner sends more than one petition, committee will consider only one petition which is most important among them. When the Committee meets in the above District, factual position will also be ascertained from the officials concerned, who will participate during the deliberations in front of the petitioners. The Collectorate will send separate communication of the committee meeting directly to the petitioners concerned in due course. Petition received after 16.08.2019 will not be included for the Committee’s consideration.

செய்தி வெளியீடு:- செய்தி மக்கள் தொடர்பு அலுவலகம், திண்டுக்கல்.