Publish Date : 12/06/2019

P.R.NO:- 18/2019                            DATE:12.06.2019

Dindigul District




The Dindigul District Administration has taken various measures to evict the encroachments made in water bodies such as tanks, channels, ponds etc., and also to desilt the water bodies in order to restore them to its original state to conserve water and to raise water table.  In the process, more than 637 water tanks under the maintenance of Public Works Department and Rural Development Department have been surveyed with reference to village accounts and encroachments made by way of cultivation and other structures to an extent of 158.91.37 Hectares (393 Acres) have been evicted.   In addition to these efforts, with the active participation of various Industries through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds, several water bodies including channels up to 200 kilometres have been desilted and deepened to facilitate free flow of water leading to tanks through these channels.


Further, with a view to make the general public aware of water bodies in the district, along with its extent, Survey Numbers, boundaries,  pre cast boundary stones in uniform size are erected after perambulating the same with reference to village accounts and the details are made available to them through information boards. Besides, the district administration is taking efforts to document the same through GPS Co ordinates hiring expert agencies.


All the water bodies in respect of Dindigul District have been uploaded in Dindigul District Website for the first time which can be accessed in .  All the NGO’s, public forums, general public can get all the details about water bodies in the district.   This initiative will help to protect the water bodies from any encroachments and enable the general public to inform about attempts to encroach water bodies to the authorities concerned.