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Radish Harvest

Dindigul Agricultural District is headed by Joint Director of Agriculture. Dindigul Agricultural District consists of five Agricultural Divisions, namely Dindigul, Natham, Nilakottai, Palani and Vedasandur. Each Agricultural Division is headed by an Assistant Director of Agriculture. There are 13 Agricultural Development Officers and 28 Agricultural Extension Centres in Dindigul District. There is one Soil Testing Laboratory and one Fertilizer Testing Laboratory in Dindigul District.


Snake Guard Harvest


Semi and tropical monsoon type of climate is prevailing in the plains of the District. However upper Palanis recorded low temperature and fairly heavy rainfall.


Flower Plucking


In the plains the maximum and minimum temperature recorded are 37.5’C and 19.7’C in the hill stations 20.6’C and 7.7’C respectively.


Dindigul District is located between 10.05′ and 10.9′ North latitude and 77.30′ and 78.20′ East longitude.


  1. Winter period (January – February) 44.7 mm
  2. Summer period (March – May ) 155.1 mm
  3. South West Monsoon (June – Sept.) 218.3 mm
  4. North East Monsoon (Oct. – Dec.) 417.9 mm

Total : 836.0 mm