District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)

Rural Development Department Ongoing Scheme Details

  • Chief Minister Solar Powered Green Houses (CMSPGH) Scheme is 744 work orders have been given to the beneficiaries for constructed new Green Houses for rural poor peoples at the estimate cost of Rs.13.39 Crores.
  • Prime Minister Awass Yojana (Gram) (PMAY(G)) Scheme is 1886 work order have been given to the beneficiaries for constructed new Houses PMAY (G) for rural poor peoples at the estimate cost of Rs.32.06 Crores.
  • Individual House Hold Latrine (IHHL) / Swachh Bharat Mission (Gram) (SBM (G)) constructed 36847 toilet work order have been given under construction of IHHL / under SBM (G) is in progress as estimate of Rs.44.21.Crores.
  • Special Roads in works order 91 roads have been taken under Special Road Schemes as as estimate cost is Rs.29.29 Crores.
  • THAI – II – 2016-17 in works order 324 have been taken under THAI – II scheme at estimate cost of Rs. 25.22 Crores.
  • Amma Gym & Amma Park 26 works taken under Amma Gym & Amma Park as estimate cost of Rs.3.90 Crores. Work is in ongoing progress.
  • Mahathma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MGNREGS) 7253 works were taken under MGNREGS 215267 families were beneficiaries in the scheme as estimate cost of Rs.211.59 Crores.
  • Member of Legislative Assembly Constituency Development Schemes (MLACDS) 330 Basic Amenities works were taken under MLACDS as estimate cost Rs.13.09 Crores.
  • Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) 288 works were taken under MPLADS as estimate cost of Rs.20.53 Crores.
  • Self Sufficient Scheme 8 works were taken under SSS Scheme as estimate cost of Rs.2.01 Crores. Government contribution Rs.0.67 crore and Public Contribution Rs.1.34 crores.
  • Comprehensive School Infrastructure Development Scheme (CSIDS) 88 works were taken in 89 schools under CSIDS for estimate cost of RS.1.52.crores.
  • New Anganwadi buildings 25 New Anganwadi works were taken for estimate cost of Rs.1.75 crores. All works is completed.

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