Highways and Minor Ports Department

Nature of Work

Dindigul (H) C&M Division

  • Dindigul (H) C&M Division is maintained by Divisional Engineer (H) C&M, Dindigul.
  • Dindigul (H) C&M Division consists of total length of 1187.457 kms of road infrastructure. In this 160.665 kms comes under State Highways roads, 485.310 kms as Major District roads, 505.942 kms as Other District roads & 35.540 kms of road comes under Sugarcane roads.
  • Dindigul (H) C&M Division consists of Major Bridge 7Nos, Minor Bridge 217Nos, Culverts 2157Nos, ROB 2Nos & RUB 2Nos.
  • There are Five Sub Divisions in Divisional Engineer (H) C&M Division.
  • Each Sub Division maintained by One Assistant Divisional Engineer (H) C&M & Assistant Engineer (H) C&M
  • One Mechanical section which involves one Assistant Engineer for maintaining the vehicles is also maintained by Divisional Engineer (H) C&M Dindigul
  • The names of Sub Divisions are Dindigul, Natham, Vathalagundu, Kodaikanal, Athoor.
  • Roads are Maintained by various schemes under CRIDP, Non Plan works, Road safety work & Flood damage work
  • Road maintenance works are done by 35 Road Inspectors & 183 Gangs Mazdoors.

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