Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board

Name of the Department – Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board
Designation – District Environmental Engineer
Contact Phone No. – 0451 – 2461868
Email –

TNPC Board enforces the provisions of Water (P&CP) Act 1974, Air (P&CP) Act 1981 and Environment Protection Act 1986. As per the provisions of Water and Air Acts, each industry shall apply for consent of the Board both to establish and to operate the industry. Based on the polluting nature of the industry, they have been categorized as Red, Orange, Green and White. As per the instruction of CPCB, there shall be no necessity of obtaining CTO for White category of industries and an intimation to SPCB shall suffice.

The significant type of industries functioning in the District are Textile spinning, Tannery, Pulp and Paper, Textile dyeing, Stone crushers and Brick chambers. These industries are being monitored by the officials of TNPC Board.

In Dindigul District, there is a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) has been established to treat the trade effluent generated from the tanneries in Dindigul. The CETP is under operation since February 1997. At present, there are 49 members in the CETP.

A CETP has also been established for the treatment of wastewater generated from hotels located in kodaikanal and this is under operation since October 1999. At present there are 35 members in the CETP.

In order to monitor the quality of water in river Amaravathi and Kodaikanal lake, samples of water are being collected monthly and analyzed.

The Board has given consent to both government and private hospitals in the Dindigul District. The Bio Medical Waste generated in the hospitals are being transported to the Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal (CBMWT & D) facility located at Virudhunagar District for scientific disposal.

The corporation, Municipalities and Town panchayats in the District are being instructed regularly to take action for the treatment and disposal of municipal solid waste as per the provisions of Solid Waste Management Rules 2016.

Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board issues consent to the industries through online only. The industries can apply for consent of the Board through website address

The public may lodge complaint to the TNPC Board through website address

District Environmental Engineer,
TNPC Board, Dindigul.