Plastic Free Kodaikkanal

1) Check Posts and Fine Collected Details (Rural Area) (PDF 146 KB)

Fine Collected Report from 01/04/2022 to 20/04/2022 (PDF 139 KB)
Fine Collected Report 20/04/2022 (PDF 139 KB)

2) Check Posts and Fine Collected Details (Kodaikkanal Municipality Area) (PDF 396 KB)
3) Water ATMs (Rural Area)

Panchayat Name Location Image
Vilpatti Maattuppatti wateratm-mattuppatti
Vilpatti Pethupparai waterATM-pethuparai
Vilpatti Attuvampatti wateratm-attuvampatti
Vilpatti Kurinchi Andavar Kovil waterATM-kurinchiandavarkovil
Mannavanur Mannavanur wateratm-mannavanur
Poomparai Poomparai wateratm-poomparai



4) Water ATMs (Kodaikkanal Municipality Area)

Location Image
1. Inside of Municipal Boat House atm1
2. Outside of Municipal Boat House atm2
3. Inside of New Bus Stand atm3
4. Outside of New Bus Stand atm4
5. Outside of Rose Garden (Observatory) atm5
6. Outside of Municipal office Near Children’s Park atm6
7. Outside Bryant Park (Out Gate) atm7
8. Outside Bryant Park (In Gate) atm8
9. Inside TTDC Boat House (1) atm9
10. Inside TTDC Boat House (2) atm10
11. Silver Falls Checkpost atm11
12. Outside of Coaker’s Walk atm12
13. Outside of Green Valley View Point atm13
14. Naidupuram Bus Stand atm14
15. Silver Falls atm15
16. Moonjikkal Bus Stop atm16
17. Near Sai Suruthi Temple atm17
18. Anna Salai atm18
19. Observatory (Rose Garden) atm19
20. Silver Falls atm20
21. Silver Falls atm21



5) Steps taken by the District Administration regarding Plastic Ban (PDF 84 KB)
6) Ever Silver Bottle Daily Sales Report -22.03.2022 (PDF 84 KB)

Location Image
1. Palani Forest Check Post eversilver1
2. Kodaikkanal – Vilpatti eversilver1
3. Kodaikkanal – Vilpatti eversilver2
4. Kodaikkanal – Vilpatti eversilver3
5. Kodaikkanal – Vilpatti eversilver6